Our Vision

As a European Car Service Centre, we have established a clear view of the future of our company Autohaus Dietler:

  • We employ the most qualified mechanics for the best quality of service.
  • We are one of the best automotive Service Centres in Brisbane and its surrounding areas.
  • Dedication to the needs of our customers is our priority
  • As our company grows, we invest in creating more job openings
  • The support of youth in Wynnum through professional apprenticeships and training is very close to our hearts.

With this vision in mind, the team at Autohaus Dietler makes all decisions with consideration of our environment and surrounding area.

Furthermore, we always aim for excellence to better our services. Our goal is to build a close partnership with our customers. This resulted in our guiding principle: creating the best value for our clients. Our conduct with clients and employees alike is shaped by honesty, transparency and appreciation.

We strive for highest quality within our services. Those quality guidelines are derived from our vision. All our employees execute this principle to continuously make improvements at the workplace, while also improving customer service and relations. We also offer the best specialised expertise and technical knowledge! Consequently, we invest in top-notch apprenticeships, specialised training, and professional development, as well as tools and diagnostic software.

Highly qualified, motivated employees contribute greatly to the success of Autohaus Dietler. Therefore, we offer outstanding professional development opportunities to our workers. We honour our role within the economic and social responsibilities in Wynnum and the Brisbane area, and constantly engage with the youth development- and innovation programs there.