Maintenance Service

Audi Servicing and Repairs

Audi Servicing - Autohaus Dietler

Autohaus Dietler services and repairs all Audi models in Brisbane, Wynnum area. With regular maintenance service and repairs performed by our professionally trained technician team you will keep your Audi in safe and reliable condition.

Our Audi servicing plan stands out due to its flexibility. Depending on mileage and age of the vehicle, our service consultant can conduct several scopes of services within a service appointment. As a result, you can extend the maintenance-free period of your Audi. Depending on your driving profile, you will be prompted to get an oil-change by the Service-Interval-Indicator. However, at least 24 months elapsed since the last change. If the conditions for flexible oil-change services are not met, the service will fall back onto fixed intervals. After 12 months or 15,000 km, you will be reminded by the Service-Interval-Indicator to book an appointment.

Don’t leave your Audi servicing and repairs to chance, but to Autohaus Dietler. You can always rely on us for expertise in servicing and repairs. We offer a Direct Reception option , where you will have transparency. We will check over your vehicle with you so you will know immediately which repairs or service items are necessary. Should you not be able find the time to drop off your vehicle at our service centre, please feel free to make use of our Collect and Return service. We will gladly collect your car and return it to you after repairs or inspection. With our Collect and Return Service, you are unrestricted and will remain mobile.

Please call us or simply use our contact form and book a service or repair appointment as soon as service indication appears. Enjoy the best possible maintenance service: thorough, demand-based and cost-transparent.

Genuine Parts

genuine parts for your Audi

Audi Genuine Parts - Autohaus Dietler

Each new period of life is a new challenge. Your Audi is a loyal and reliable companion throughout all those challenges. In order to keep your vehicle reliable in every situation, we recommend the installation of Genuine Audi parts:

  • The first and main reason is that genuine parts are largely available for up to 15 years after discontinuation of a serial model.
  • Additionally, those high-end components are designed for an optimal fit and shorter installation times. This saves you not only cost-intensive workshop visits, but also unnecessary readjustments.
  • Finally, Genuine Audi parts are not only reliable, but also highly durable and ensure the best value retention of your car.
At Autohaus Dietler we recommend using Genuine Audi Parts for servicing and repairs.

The advantages of Genuine Audi brakes at a glance

Genuine Audi Brakes - Autohaus Dietler

The precise fit, paired with the professional installation by our factory trained staff provide the genuine brakes many advantages:

  • Optimal friction coefficient between disc and Genuine brake pads. This results a reduction of braking distance.
  • Good efficiency even after repeated heavy braking.
  • Quiet and smooth
  • Perfect fitting accuracy and uniform heat dissipation.
  • Temperature insensibility even at very high temperatures.
  • Consistent braking effect in both rotation direction of the braking disc.
  • Good self-cleaning capability

For precise ignition

Genuine Audi Spark Plugs - Autohaus Dietler

Every time you accelerate, your Audi engine will react precisely and unleash its full power if fitted with genuine spark plugs. Genuine Audi spark plugs are designed to be a perfect fit to your engine. Therefore, they provide reliable ignition cycle by cycle, and guarantee an optimal combustion without being overheated.

  • Perfect fit
  • Very durable up to 90,000 km depending on the engine type
  • More comfort and less fuel consumption
  • Precise ignition

Designed for your engine

Genuine Audi Oil Filter - Autohaus Dietler

Engine oil keeps your engine clean, while taking all the pollutants such as combustion residue and metal abrasions from the moving parts. Due to its full-synthetic filter medium, the Genuine Audi oil filter removes contamination from the oil circuit most efficiently. Thereby, the genuine filter protects your engine reliably against wear and tear.

  • Reliable protection – Protects the engine against contaminations and wear and tear
  • Durable – High temperature stability, resistance against acidic and alkaline environments. Corrosion resistant housings (dependent on type and model).
  • High-pressure stability – optimised for modern engines with start-stop systems.
  • High filtration capacity – Very high filtration capacity, low flow resistance and high sealing quality thanks to full-synthetic filter medium

For best engine protection

Genuine Audi Oil Filter - Autohaus Dietler

The fuel is not always as clean as it appears to be. It contains small particles like dust, rust, water and tank sediments. Those particles can cause serious damages to injection system and other engine parts. Genuine Audi Fuel Filters are designed to retain those particles and keep your engine clean, at maximum performance, reliable and efficient.

  • Fuel delivery system safe
  • Highly effective. Specially designed to fit your Audi
  • Perfect fitting accuracy

For a fresh and healthy air

Genuine Audi Cabin Filter - Autohaus Dietler

Cabin filters contribute to the interior climate in a significant extent through:

  • Higher performance of the air-conditioning- and ventilation-system, resulting in less fogging up of the windshields and better vision.
  • High capacity of the filter, including solid pollutants such as soot, fine dust and pollen.
  • Significant reduction of exposure for allergy-sufferers.
  • Absorption of harmful gases such as Benzol and Toluol by an additional activated carbon layer.
  • Reduction of odour nuisance.
  • Unrestricted use of air-conditioning and ventilation-system thanks to automatic air-circulation vent controls is also possible in a heavy air-pollution environment, such as tunnels or in traffic jams.

genuine and OEM parts vs counterfeit parts

Fake Elvis is funny – fake parts are not!

Mercedes-Benz Servicing - Autohaus Dietler

Your safety is our priority. Therefore, we strongly recommend to avoiding the use of third party spare parts and we urge you to stay aware of counterfeit products. Unlike a counterfeit luxury watch or handbag, fake parts are dangerous and will compromise your safety.

Counterfeit Parts are a safety risk!
For example, fake brake pads extend the braking distance up to 15 metres. In worse cases they can break and cause significant damages to you, your car and other people.