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AMG Servicing and Repairs

Mercedes-Benz AMG Servicing - Autohaus Dietler

Autohaus Dietler services and repairs all AMG models in Brisbane, Wynnum area. With regular maintenance service and repairs performed by our professionally trained technician team you will keep your AMG in safe and reliable condition. 

A well maintained AMG has always the best value retention. The fuel consumption and the emissions will be kept at a minimum – for an efficient and environmentally friendly driving experience. We therefore will give our best so you can enjoy the quality and the performance of your Mercedes-AMG for many years. The service indicator of your maintenance service control unit ASSYST will automatically inform you about an upcoming service. 

Don’t leave your AMG servicing and repairs to chance, but to Autohaus Dietler. You can always rely on us for expertise in servicing and repairs. We offer a Direct Reception option , where you will have transparency. We will check over your vehicle with you so you will know immediately which repairs or service items are necessary. Should you not be able find the time to drop off your vehicle at our service centre, please feel free to make use of our Collect and Return service. We will gladly collect your car and return it to you after repairs or inspection. With our Collect and Return Service, you are unrestricted and will remain mobile.

Please call us or simply use our contact form and book a service or repair appointment as soon as service indication appears. Enjoy the best possible maintenance service: thorough, demand-based and cost-transparent.

Genuine Parts

genuine parts for your AMG

AMG Genuine Parts - Autohaus Dietler

Whether wear or other parts: Genuine Mercedes-Benz AMG Parts are of excellent quality, retain high reliability and are safety-tested. Genuine Parts are specially developed for your vehicle. Their durability and great value for money make Genuine Mercedes-Benz AMG Parts highly efficient. For your safety, all parts must undergo quality tests before they get a Genuine Part certification.
At Autohaus Dietler we strongly recommend to use for servicing and repairs Genuine AMG Parts only.

Shorter braking distance for more safety

Genuine Mercedes-Benz AMG Brake Pads- Autohaus Dietler

Genuine AMG Brake Pads are made for a perfect fit. They are one of the most crucial components of the safety system fitted in your vehicle. With genuine pads ABS and ESP are working at the highest possible efficiency. This guaranties a faster safety system reaction as well as shorter braking distance.  Furthermore, high-quality-materials ensure low wear so you can enjoy safe driving experiences much longer before the next brake service is due.

  • Optimised for  the Mercedes-Benz AMG electronic safety systems such as ABS and ESP
  • Perfect fitting accuracy
  • Outstanding braking performance
  • Optimal friction coefficient between pads and Genuine brake disc.

Because every meter counts

Genuine Mercedes-Benz AMG Brake Discs- Autohaus Dietler

Genuine Mercedes-Benz AMG Brake Discs ensure a shorter braking distance from the start – even in extreme situations. As a part of a safety system genuine brake discs ensure that electronic system like ABS and ESP are always working reliably. An emphasis on high-quality-materials as well as  an effective corrosion protection  extends the life-time of the discs.

  • Optimised for  the Mercedes-Benz electronic safety systems such as ABS and ESP
  • Perfect fitting accuracy 
  • Outstanding braking performance due to optimal friction coefficient between disc and Genuine brake pads.

Safety out of factory

Genuine Mercedes-Benz AMG Chassis - Autohaus Dietler

Do not leave it to chance but to Genuine Mercedes-Benz AMG Chassis Parts. The genuine parts have the same quality as  the parts of a brand-new Mercedes AMG. Every part is 100% identical which ensures a perfect fit. Hence, this saves you time and more importantly your money on replacement and it will keep you safe on the road.

  • Perfect fitting accuracy
  • Durable and resilient

For extended engine life-time

Genuine Mercedes-Benz AMG Oil Filter - Autohaus Dietler

Due to much higher filtration capacity Genuine Mercedes-Benz AMG Oil Filters remove contamination from the oil circuit most efficiently. This prevents damages on the injection system and the engine as well. The high quality ensures a long filter life-time and a smoothly running engine as well as lower fuel consumption and maintenance costs.

  • Perfect fitting accuracy
  • Stable structure for a excellent sealing
  • High filtration capacity for long service life and reduced maintenance costs

For a fresh and healthy air

Genuine Mercedes-Benz AMG Cabin Filter - Autohaus Dietler

Due to extremely fine-pored nano-coating Genuine Mercedes-Benz AMG Cabin Filters protect you from pollen, dirt and fine dust. Hence, this is most important especially for children and allergy or asthma sufferers. A genuine cabin filter prevents air conditioning evaporators from clogging with dirt and mould more efficiently. Genuine Mercedes-Benz AMG Cabin Filter are the only European Centre for Allergy Research Foundation (ECARF) certified filter.

  • Absorption of harmful gases such as Benzol and Toluol by an additional activated carbon layer
  • Optimised fitting accuracy
  • Highly particle absorbent
  • High capacity of the filter, including solid pollutants such as soot, fine dust and pollen.
  • ECARF certified (available for models with ECARF-certified interior)

genuine and OEM parts vs counterfeit parts

Fake Elvis is funny – fake parts are not!

Mercedes-Benz Servicing - Autohaus Dietler

Your safety is our priority. Therefore, we strongly recommend to avoiding the use of third party spare parts and we urge you to stay aware of counterfeit products. Unlike a counterfeit luxury watch or handbag, fake parts are dangerous and will compromise your safety.

Counterfeit Parts are a safety risk!
For example, fake brake pads extend the braking distance up to 15 metres. In worse cases they can break and cause significant damages to you, your car and other people.